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Supported Service

This service offers a wide range of provisions and is designed to assist Landlords to manage their own properties whilst offering them help and advice at every stage.

  • Provide a rental valuation
  • Take, edit and prepare photographs for advertising
  • Offer practical advice on optimising your return
  • Guide you through the legal requirements
  • Advertise the property through Rightmove and Website
  • Accompany applicants on viewings
  • Find a suitable tenant
  • Take up references and a credit check
  • Offer guidance if requested on our rental guarantee and legal protection insurance service
  • Draw up Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement
  • Ensure verification that mandatory documentation has been received including How to Rent CP12 and EPC
  • Ensure Right to Rent verification is satisfied at the beginning and throughout the Term
  • Host signing and witnessing of contracts and documents
  • Advise on and implement if requested Health and Safety certification in relation to gas electric water smoke alarm and carbon monoxide testing
  • Prepare a photographic condition index
  • Take gas electric and water readings
  • Collect and transfer the deposit to the Deposit Protection Service in accordance with the Tenancy Deposit Scheme Rules on behalf of the Landlord
  • Oversee the arrival of the tenant to property
  • Collect and forward rent to Landlord
  • Prepare and submit monthly statement to you
  • Monitor any late payment of Rent
  • Advise on action required to evict tenants for rental arrears from High Court or County Court through to Bailiffs and eviction
  • Offer guidance on preparation and submission claim to Insurance Company that underwrites Our Rent Indemnity and Legal Protection Service should you have subscribed to it
  • Monitor advise you on and implement if requested and at the Landlords expense the renewal of Health and Safety certification in relation to gas electric water smoke alarm and carbon monoxide testing
  • Verify any notice to vacate is compliant with current contract
  • Facilitate appropriate refund of the deposit to the tenant
  • Telephone and written support offering practical advice on codes of practice and legislation
  • Negotiate renewed terms with tenants including rental increase and length of term
  • Prepare renewal of Assured Shorthold Tenancy, Company Lease or Non-Housing Act 1988 Lease of Contract compliant with the latest changes in legislation
  • Ensure all parties have signed via DocuSign programme